Georg Alber GmbH & Co. KG


Maximum precision - down the last detail.

Made in Germany, apperciated all around the world: Whether in cardiovascular sugery, hand sugery, neurosugery or in plastic sugery - you will find microsurgical instruments from GEORG ALBER in many different areas. 


With our qualified employees and efficient production processes we have been manufacturing high-class microsurgical instruments and vessel clips made of stainlass steel and titanium as an OEM supplier for many decades. 


Due to consistent quality controls we ensure the high quality of our products. Also we have a certified quality managment according to the current standard DIN EN ISO 13485 and more important, we meet the requirements of European legislation for medical devices and the guidelines of the American FDA.

On our website you will find a selection from our product line. We would be pleased to assist you in developing products tailored to your needs.